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Build the Latest Amily Arena Of Valor Hero

Hero Amily is in the hybrid category, aka dual role Warrior/Tank, which can also be an assassin. His passive duel deals massive damage to single targets, while the passive effect on Combo allows him to quickly rotate between lanes and silently ambush opponents. 

His somewhat conflicting identities as a strong dueler and powerful ganker make him a very difficult hero to master, although he is actually quite easy to use.


  • Very Strong When Duel  – Amily's passive duel deals 50% damage when her attacks hit a single target. The amount of damage above applies to multiples.
  • Fast Movement  – All of Amily's abilities give her increased mobility, while Combo gives her less movement and increased movement speed outside of combat. Thus Amily is very fast in ambushing and also escaping from the opponent's ambush.


  • Weak when the enemy targets are many  – Amily's hero is not suitable for attacking more than one enemy. Because the amount of damage will be divided by the number of your enemies. So you have to be agile to kidnap enemies one by one because the damage is more pronounced.
  • Lack of Singergi Combo –  Amily is very suitable for one-on-one duels. But you have to remember to issue Amily's skills one by one because Amily is not suitable for issuing combo skills. The resulting damage is not optimal.

Playing Strategy Suggestions

  • Laning Strategy

Amily is the most suitable for laning. His dueling abilities can work well on monsters and can be countered by the opponent's solo lane by simply standing on the minion wave. In addition, the passive ability of Combo allows him to easily defeat enemies.

Combos are very good at closing the distance to the enemy, if possible use a combination of these skills: Enrage and Kickblade to close the distance (Kickblade can be used when "charging" Enrage), then go forward and Combo back to knock enemies into your team.

  • Leveling Progress

Always start with Combo as it has two abilities in one attack and can help you == escape and regenerate if you get injured in a fight at the start.

At level three and beyond, it's up to personal preference. Each level of the Kickblade provides a 30 increase in damage per bounce and a 25 increase in healing, while not increasing the cooldown speed. Each Combo level increases all three hits by 16 damage, increases passive movement speed by 2, and cooldown by 0.2 seconds. Although I prefer Combo leveling.

As always, increase Enrage whenever possible. Five different stats will be increased with each level up, the most important of which is the increase in attack damage.

Fighting Strategy

Ganking: Amily's increased movement speed in battle is very useful when ganking. If possible, get in front of the enemy, use Enrage to increase damage, and hit back to your team. If that's not possible, then a Kickblade holdout along with a Combo stun might be enough to finish it off.

Although difficult to perform, you can "prepare" your normal attack to be enhanced by using a Combo, charge for enemies using an enhanced normal attack word, and finally use another Combo to push them back. Timing is tough though: you only have five seconds to use your normal enhanced attack after your first Combo but need to have the second Combo (which is on a 7 to 6-second cooldown) available in time to use it before escaping the enemy.

The full combination is Combo, wait a few seconds, Kickblade, attack boost, Enrage, Combo retreat, attack boost. For some reason, using Enrage after using a normal-enhanced Combo "deadly" kills, so you'll need to use an enhanced attack before using Enrage.

One-on-one: Try to fight opposing heroes away from minions and monsters so you deal increased damage. Use the combinations listed above under “ganking,” making sure to blow them up as quickly as possible. If you're not quick to take the lead in a fight against a strong solo laner, then run away – their cooldown is likely shorter than yours and they may have the better defense.

Team Battle: Amily doesn't do enough damage to chunks through tanks, so head to the backline and pick a slick target. Alternatively, Combos can be used to CC multiple members for your team to follow up if the opposing team is grouped together.

Escape Combat: Every ability of Amily can be used as an escape tool, including Enrage if you are in a real jam. In general, you should Combo away, then Kickblade back at your enemies to slow them down. You can also fend off Minions and monsters to increase your movement speed and heal.

Build Hero Amily

Since Amily doesn't have big support, we decided to focus on this build to kill the opponent before they can kill us. Soul reaver and Omni Arms bring CDR to 25%, while Rankbreaker not only helps penetrate the opponent's armor but the passive synergizes with passive Amily, making her like Batman roaming around the map. Fenrir's Tooth synergizes with Amily's passive foe and explodes unsuspectingly. At the end of the game, a 10% increase in Blade of Eternity's damage will pay off immensely, while a passive revive can allow Amily to escape or get work done.

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