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Build Hylos Jungler Anti-Damage recommendations

One tank hero that is quite popular as a Tank at this time is Hylos, where this tank hero who used to be a roamer is now believed to be one of the jungles in the latest meta.

Hylos can be quite fast farming with skill 2 which has big damage and can have a thickness with high HP with decent and strong damage for team fights with fast heals.

Well, for those of you who want to use this tank jungler hero, you can try the following build recommendations.

1. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots

The shoes are quite flexible with two choices, namely Warrior Boots for more physical defense, and Tough Boots for faster CC and magical defense. Both are quite situational depending on the composition of the enemy.

If there is CC and more magical damage can be Tough Boots, if there is minimal CC more physical attacks can take Warrior Boots.

2. Cursed Helmet

Items that are quite good and cheap in the early game, with quite thick HP and magical defense, make Hylos more able to spam skills because Hylos' skills use HP after mana runs out.

3. Dominance Ice

It is enough to add a fairly high physical defense and have an anti-regen effect, which allows him to fight against current strong meta heroes who will regenerate. Because Hylos' basic HP is already high, defense items are needed so that Hylos is stronger, not just thick blood. And the Mana of this item is also quite a lot and is converted as HP for Hylos because of his passive.

4. Thunder Belt/Bruteforce Breastplate

Two items that are also situational, the Thunder Belt provides many effects, one of which is additional mana for Hylos and there is true damage. While Bruteforce has additional movement speed and physical defense.

Both can be used as choices with their respective advantages, if you really need which one you can choose Thunder Belt, if you need additional Physical Defense and movement speed you can use Bruteforce Breastplate.

5. Sky Guardian Helmet

HP is a good friend of Hylos, so the Sky Guardian Helmet that gives high enough HP can be a good choice of items, this can also make him get a high enough regen so he can do high heal when using his Ultimate.

6. Immortality

Immortality has many uses, starting from the effect of reviving, high physical defense, quite large hp. Making this item really can be used to make Hylos thicker in the late game.

That's the recommendation to build Hylos jungler Mobile Legends, making him a thick tank and a good initiator in the current meta. Besides being thick, of course, he is strong in dealing enough damage.

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