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Build Esmeralda Hurts in M2 Tournament Mobile Legend 2022

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Today I will give you more info about Mobile Legends heroes for sure. This time I will give Build Esmeralda Sick in Tournament M2 Mobile Legends.

Build Esmeralda hurts in M2 Mobile Legend

Esmeralda is a Hero Mage Tank who specializes in Mixed Damage Regen who has extraordinary skills and is easy to use. Esmeralda has skill 1 which can create a shield and gain movement speed that decreases with duration. Meanwhile, he gradually turned the shields of nearby opponents into shields for himself. In addition, Esmeralda has skill 2 which can swing Stardust and Frostmoon, dealing magic damage to nearby opponents and reducing the cooldown of the other skill. Esmeralda also has the ultimate skill that unites strength, the longer the duration, the greater the power. Use this skill again to cast Starddust in the specified direction, dealing magic damage and immobilizing enemies in the area. This time I will give the Sick Esmeralda Build in the M2 Mobile Legend Tournament, Check this out.

Here are the items for Hero Esmeralda Astrologer.

Warrior Boots
The first item in Build Esmeralda is a Warrior Boots item. This item is an armor shoe that can increase physical defense and also increase movement speed for Esmeralda. These shoes can add armor to further harden themselves from physical attacks of the enemy, of course. In this battle against the enemy team, Esmeralda can last longer and while attacking the enemy with high damage.

Enchanted Talisman
The second item in Build Esmeralda is an Enchanted Talisman item. This item is a magic item that can provide additional magic power and cooldown reduction. In addition, this item can also regenerate mana regen so that Esmeralda can spam skills continuously to inflict magic damage to the opponent. With Esmeralda items, it can certainly make it difficult for the enemy because with the combo skills possessed by Esmeralda, the opponent will be overwhelmed. So with the help of this item, Esmeralda’s “mana” never runs out and can always issue skills because it has a high cooldown reduction so that the enemy is easily eliminated.

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Calamity Reaper
The third item in Build Esmeralda is a Calamity Reaper item. This item is a magical damage item that must be used by Esmeralda because after we use the skill, Esmeralda’s basic attack will give true damage. In addition, this item also provides additional Magic Power, Mana Regen and of course cooldown reduction. This item is very good for Esmeralda to use. With this item you can give maximum damage to your opponent.

The fourth item in Build Esmeralda is an Oracle item. This item is a defense item that can provide additional HP and magical defense and cooldown reduction. This item must be used by this Esmeralda hero in addition to providing additional HP and magical defense, it can also increase Shield Absorption and HP Regen so that Esmeralda is not easily defeated. This item is to help Esmeralda to last longer on the battlefield. So this defense item is very mandatory for you to buy because it can increase defense and also speed up regenerating HP from Esmeralda, guys. With this item Esmeralda doesn’t die easily and it can also make Esmeralda a very barbaric sidelaner.

Holy Crystal
The fifth item in Build Esmeralda is a Holy Crystal item. This item is a high power magic item, namely Holy Crystal. This item can increase damage significantly and can also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Harith who can do a lot of damage to enemies, guys!

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Brute Froce Breastplate
The last item in Build Esmeralda is a Brute Force Breastplate item. This item is a defense item that can provide additional HP and also Physical Defense for Esmeralda who can be strong in guarding the turret or destroying the opponent’s buff. In addition, items when Esmeralda uses skills or uses basic attacks will add movement speed and increase physical and magic defense. So with this item, Esmeralda has high defense.

This is the Painful Esmeralda Build in M2 Mobile Legend

Esmeralda's item hurts in M2 Mobile Legend

Ok, come here first, guys! Next, I will give you more info about mobile legend heroes. If there are suggestions for what hero guides you want to discuss, you can contact me via the contact form below, I’ll review the Hero Guides later, ok!
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