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7 Hero Counter Aamon Mobile Legends

This one hero is indeed one of the strongest burst heroes at this time. He has a very terrible burst, but on the other hand, he is also strong in skirmishing in fights.

He is a strong enough hero if the enemy is not ready. This is because Aamon has a good burst and mobility where he can annoy opponents very easily. Not to mention Aamon looks like Gusion to kill and run away immediately.

Without further ado, let's check it out. Of course, these heroes can be the best choice for those of you who want to fight Aamon in Mobile Legends. New heroes are sometimes a bit of a hassle.

Hero Counter Aamon Mobile Legends (ML)

Aamon is very strong in burst and mobility. But he has several weaknesses, for example against iframe and full tanky heroes. In addition, map awareness and player macro skills are also very helpful in fighting it.

For those who are curious, you can immediately see below so that later you won't be confused anymore when playing against Aamon in Mobile Legends.


No matter how strong Aamoon is, he will not dare to duel with Eudora. Because Eudora has a Skill that can give Crowd Control on Skill 2, then Ultimate and Skill 1 are sick. It's just that you have to prepare 3 Builds first, then make sure you manage to outwit Aamon to get out of Disappearing Mode, and then we will Combo Skill 2 > Ultimate > Skill 1.


If you want to make Aamon catch easily, use the hero Aurora. The skill from Hero Aurora itself must be used as well as possible with her passive because we will not be able to counter Aamon if the Red Passive Bar is not full.


Lancelot can also be an alternative against Aamon. Keep in mind that because Aamon is an assassin, he has low HP. Lancelot can provide high bursts and also iframes to avoid damage and combos from Aamon.


Similar to Lancelot, Ling can also be a counter for Aamon with a very high burst, mobility, and burst. But keep in mind that in the case of Ling against Aamon, everything returned to a mechanical battle even though Ling was favored as the counter hero of Aamon Mobile Legends.


Talking about fighting damage, currently, Aamon can indeed be superior to Hayabusa. But the advantage of Hayabusa is that he has a more consistent iframe and single target damage. Hayabusa is also very agile which is difficult for Aamon to do combos.


Benedetta has various advantages against Aamon both in ganks, counter ganks, and team fights. Benedetta is a relatively thick and versatile hero. His skill set is very supportive as a hero counter Aamon Mobile Legends.


This offline thug doesn't really have a cure when he fights Aamon. From my own Esports, we've tested how Paquito's matchup against Aamon, and surprisingly Aamon could lose badly. But if Paquito is initiated and unprepared, it's Aamon who easily wins.

So, those are some of the counter heroes of Aamon Mobile Legends which are very strong and can be your solution against this hero. But you also have to understand Aamon's skills so that later you won't be confused anymore.

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