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By carrying out the task of guarding the upper or lower line, the task of an offlaner in Mobile Legends is quite crucial. Not infrequently an offlaner can usually face two enemies at once or even more especially at the beginning of the match.

Usually this position is filled by players who are good at using Hero with Roll Fighter or Assassin. Players who occupy this position are required to be sensitive to the situation that is happening around them, because they have to move quickly to help the ongoing attack or team fight, therefore the selection of the Hero offlaner is also one of the important factors to get the success of playing this role. .

So this time we will share with you some of the best heroes in Mobile Legends and they can be relied on to keep the line or do team fights and do their offlaner duties well.

This Hero Fighter is one of the heroes who can carry on the team both in the early game and in the late game. This comes from the ability of the only skill that can repay the enemy. Also this is very useful to be able to clean the minions quickly. That way Leomord can continue to rotate to other lines that need help or do farming or even gank the opponent’s jungle to inhibit their gold growth.

Leomord is very reliable both for defending his own line and facing many enemies at once or doing a push turret quickly, because he has a pretty good defense and it’s a bit difficult for the enemy to knock out this hero. If Leomord manages to defend his own line, then this will make the task of his teammates on other lines easier, besides when the situation is right Leomord can suppress the opponent’s hero core so that the enemy loses their main source of damage dealer.

With one of his skills that can summon a horse, if this skill is active then in addition to providing high mobility, Leomord can also do quite a bit of damage. At the same time, his defense will increase thanks to his pretty hard lifesteal ability. So for the current meta Leomord is very reliable to be an offlaner.

Thamuz is also a very hard and resilient hero fighter, both in the early game and in the late game. And of course this is what is needed for an Offlaner to be able to maintain a line that is guarded from a collection of enemies. Because usually the challenge for an offlaner at the beginning of this game is to face the onslaught of more than one enemy who tries to push or even steal the jungle.

The most important thing for an offlaner is to be able to clean Minions as quickly as possible, that way you can secure the jungle creeps that the enemy is trying to steal. One of Thamuz’s skills can pay off minions from a rather far distance, so they can maintain a safe distance when facing more than one enemy.

Meanwhile, if the position is one vs one, then Thamuz can play aggressively in the early game thanks to his high defense and little damage that can pay off the enemy’s blood so that they retreat, so that Thamuz can have a chance to push or steal the opponent’s Creep. Of course, if this goes well in the early game, it will split the enemy’s concentration, to keep the line that Thamuz successfully pushed and he can immediately rotate to another line to gank or push to another line as well.

Although it’s quite rare for players to use this one hero because the combos are relatively more difficult than other fighters, Chou can also be relied on as an offlaner. By having a skill set that has enough damage and CC effects to annoy your opponent, this hero is quite slippery and very difficult to pick up or incapacitate even if you use more than one hero.

Chou’s first skill. Apart from having a CC effect in the form of area knock-ups in the 3rd phase, it can also deal fairly large damage. This is what Chou players can rely on in the early game to repay the enemy’s blood, to knock them back temporarily. Besides that, Chou is also a versatile hero and can fulfill many roles at once, players can use him as a Fighter, Assassin, Tank and even support. Depends on the needs of the team composition.

In addition, the ultimate skill is also able to lock the enemy’s hero core and kill him immediately. Even one of Indonesia’s best offlaner players, Onic Anti Mage, highly recommends mastering this one hero. And what is quite annoying about Chou is the ability of his 2nd skill that can produce a shield effect that makes it even more difficult to pick up or incapacitate.

Next is Terizla, so let’s just give a little leak for those who don’t know that Terizla is the Fighter with the strongest damage in the Early game and exceeds Thamuz. This is what you can rely on in the early game to play aggressively if the situation allows by playing aggressively at the beginning of the game. When using Terizla this will make the enemy go back and forth to the base, which will create an opportunity or opportunity for Terizla to push or steal the opponent’s jungle.

One of Terizla’s weaknesses that makes players rarely use it is the movement which is quite slow and it’s not uncommon for this hero to come late to the fight team. But even though these shortcomings can be overcome by using the Arrival spell which will make the enemy surprised or even unaware of the arrival of this one hero.

One of the keys to using Terizla is the right timing, besides that, the ultimate skill can be relied on to lock many enemy heroes at once, as well as high defense in 1 vs 1 situations or team fights, making Terizla a Fighter with a complete package that has crowd control effects. , sick damage and also high defense .

From the role of Assassin, Hayabusa is the best offlaner hero right now. He can play in the offlaner or also on the side line. What you need to remember is that if you play Hayabusa as an offlaner, it will really help kill marksman or other soft heroes.

Besides being slippery, Hayabusa also has great damage, thanks to this shadow skill Hayabusa can confuse opponents and mess up their formation. Also one of the important tasks for an offlaner is doing split push. With Hayabusa’s high mobility, this is easier to do. He can quickly move from one line to another in just seconds, it’s not even uncommon for the enemy to be fooled and don’t realize that Hayabusa has pushed all the way to their base.

And what is certain is that the Ultimate skill ability, Shadow kill is one of the frightening specters for soft heroes like Marksman or Mage, especially if Hayabusa already has the Core Item. Don’t try for soft heroes to go out on their own without support or tank controls because sometimes even in the turret it doesn’t guarantee that a marksman or mage hero can survive Ultimate Hayabusa

Talking about offlaner seems incomplete if you don’t include Aldous on this list. This hero is also of course very reliable for you offlaner players. You just need to play it safe in the early game and focus on clearing the line and farming and doing push until there is a chance to do a gank. Then aldous can start launching the action.

In the early game, Aldous can clean up the minions quickly thanks to his boxing skills. Even if the position is 1 vs 1, then you must be able to play aggressively by starting the game by cutting the minions’ path and then continuing to secure the creeps left by the opponent. In addition, as an offlaner, of course, you must be sensitive to your teammates.

You don’t have to worry if a team with Aldous is GG, even though he is far away on the other line and the situation is a team fight, Aldous can immediately come with his ultimate skill from a very long distance and can even directly target the opponent’s core hero and disable him.

And the last one is from the Role assassin again, namely Helcurt. This Helcurt feels easier to master, besides that it also has fast farming abilities in the early game. If you can successfully steal your opponent’s carry heroes from the start, then victory is on your team’s side.

Helcurt’s ultimate skill is certainly not a secret anymore which this skill will make opponents torn apart and panicked, especially in team fight situations. If done with the right timing, this skill will greatly interfere with the opponent’s carry hero who is targeting you, because they have a slience effect and make them unable to launch attacks.

Burs damage from Helcurt generated from the second skill stack is very deadly from the start of the game. And what is certain is that if you are going to do a split push, this hero can also do it well. His ultimate skill, besides being able to make the enemy panic, can also increase Helcurt’s movement speed up to 80%, which can be used to rotate to another line quickly or run away or even steal the opponent’s carry hero who goes out alone at night.

Now the key to using Helcurt is the right timing and also when launching an attack that will make the enemy unable to do anything else but surrender.
So that’s the discussion about the 7 best offlaner heroes in mobile legends. Even though there are only 7 mentioned, it doesn’t mean the other heroes are bad, come back when they are in the game depending on who is the pilot. Whoever the hero is, if the pilot is GG, he must be successful in carrying out his duties as an offlaner.
In our opinion, to carry out their duties as offlaners, these heroes must be able to
  • Strong to keep the line alone
  • Always ready to go to war
  • Fast rotation
  • Easy Slit Push
  • Strong Early-Late Game

What is your opinion?

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