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6 Worst & Strongest Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022

The sickest and strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends 2022 – Marksman or often called MM is one of the favorite roles in Mobile Legends. Even though the marksman hero has little damage at the beginning of the game, when he enters the late game and already has several items, Maxman can become a deadly killing machine.

By having high power, of course, the best and strongest marksman hero will enter META to push rank and make it easier to achieve victory. Moreover, in this update there is a red buff which is highly recommended for marksman heroes to have higher damage with additional true damage.

The Strongest Marksman in Mobile Legends 2022

There are many best marksman to use push rank. The following are the recommendations for the sickest and strongest marksman hero (OP) Mobile Legends season 19 along with build items from the global top.

1. Karrie

Karrie the strongest maskman hero

The first sickest and strongest Marksman Hero is Karrie. This hero has high burst damage armed with his passive true damage. On the other hand, Karrie is also an agile marksman hero armed with skill 2 (Phantom Step) which can dash in a certain direction and release the Flywheel with a short cooldown skill.

His 1st skill (Spinning Lightwheel) can give the opponent a pretty severe slow effect. In his ultimate skill (Speedy Lightwheel), Karrie will issue 2 basic attacks so that it accelerates the passive effect of this anti-tank marksman. With a high attack speed, it’s not surprising that many of these sick marksman are picked in ranked and tournaments like MPL season 5.

The following build items, spells and emblems hurt Karrie’s hero:

Build global top karrie items

2. Wanwan

Wanwan the strongest maskman hero

Next is Wanwan who is the strongest marksman hero candidate in Mobile Legends. Wanwan is arguably the quickest and agile marksman because Wanwan is equipped with a passive where Wanwan will dash every time she issues a basic attack with a scaled attack speed and deals true damage when attacking ‘weak points’.

His 1st skill (Swallow’s Pat) can create vision in the bush area and help activate his ultimate. Skin 2 (Needles in Flower) can avoid crowd control effects from the opponent (purify) so that it makes Wanwan not easy to kidnap.

And the skill that makes Wanwan Over Powered is her ultimate skill (Crossbow of Tang) which deals high damage to one target, then can aim at another target when the previous target is disabled. Activating the ultimate will make Wanwan immune to enemy attacks and crowd control.

The following are the recommendations for the worst and strongest build items, spells and mm emblems for Wanwan:

Build global top wanwan items

3. Granger

The strongest maskman hero Granger

Even though he’s not very OP, Granger is still the best marksman who is being contested in the ranked matches. Geranger is a marksman hero who does not rely on attack speed, but has high damage and critical damage to his skills and passive. His 1st skill (Rhapsody) fires 6 bullets that will deal high damage even in the early game.

His 2nd skill (Rondo) is used to dash or blink and increase the attack of the next 2 Granger bullets. In his ultimate skill (Death Sonata) Granger will fire 3 bullets with a wide range and can produce a high critical especially on the last bullet.

The following are recommendations for build items, emblems and spells for mm Granger:

Build global top granger items

4. Bruno

Bruno the strongest maskman hero

Bruno is an old marksman in Mobile Legends who is currently one of the strongest marksman in Mobile Legends. After getting a revamp, Bruno becomes an OP marksman who has high damage and critical damage.

Bruno’s passive will add a critical chance every time he hits the opponent. His 1st skill (Volley Shot) gives additional physical damage to basic attacks and causes, this skill makes Bruno OP even in the early game.

Skill 2 (Flying Tackle), Bruno will do a slide tackle and stun the opponent. And the ultimate skill (Wave of the World Animation) will shoot the ball then bounce on the opponent and cause a knock back and armor reduction.

Here are the recommended items, spells and emblems for the sick Bruno hero:

Build items bruno top global

5. Kimmy

Kimmy the strongest maskman hero

The next strongest marksman hero is Kimmy. Marksman with these 2 analogues can be used as a mage or pure marksman. Most Kimmy users choose to play in the mid lane. With his 1st skill (Energy Transformation), Kimmy will increase the distance and damage from his basic attack. Skill 2 (Chemical Refinement) is used to dash in a certain direction and regenerate energy.

For his ultimate skill (Maximum Charge), Kimmy will charge and then shoot it at an opponent in a fairly distant area. The cooldown of this ultimate skill is relatively short so it can be used to spam skills to opponents. As long as he has a good position, Kimmy can give deadly DPS to the opponent.

The following are recommendations for building items, spells and bad emblems for Kimmy:

Build global top Kimmy items

6. Claude

Claude the strongest maskman hero

Now the last strongest marksman is Claude. Although it has been rarely picked up since the arrival of Geranger and Wanwan, this marksman still has deadly damage. Just like Karrie and Wanwan, this marksman also relies on high attack speed.

To maximize the attack speed of Claude, then make sure the stack of skill 1 (Art of Thievery) can be used properly. His 2nd skill (Battle Mirror Image) will summon Daskter and make Claude able to move places.

And what makes Claude worthy of fear is his ultimate skill (Blazing Duet), where this skill will be very useful during a war because it has a painful area of ​​damage so it will be easy to paralyze several opponents at once.

Here are the recommended items, spells and emblems for Claude:

Build items Claude Top Global

The final word

Now that’s the strongest and sickest marksman in Mobile Legends 2022. There are also many of the best marksman and OP that can be used to push ranks starting from Karrie, Wanwan, Granger, Bruno, Kimmy and Claude. Alright that’s it for this article and I hope it’s useful.

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