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6 Ways to Get Free Fire Diamonds 2022

How to Get Free Diamond Free Fire 2020

How to get free Free Fire diamonds 2022 – One of the games made by Garena that is popular today is Free Fire (FF), this battle royale genre game is present on mobile devices by presenting interesting games and visuals to play. Fire Fire provides a variety of cool skins and characters that can be purchased using diamonds.

As in most games, to get diamonds, players need to buy them with an easy top up without an application, namely through official websites such as Codashop. But there are still players who buy illegal diamonds and use hacks, the goal is to get cheap or even free diamonds.

It’s the same as using a diamond generator on the website and unlimited diamond cheats, this method can make your FF account hacked. Even though there is a legal method of getting Free Fire diamonds for free that is safe from being banned. So, let’s go straight to how to get free FF diamonds below.

How to Get Free Free Fire Diamonds

Maybe many players have used the free 10000 ff diamond apk, but this method is not proven so you can try other ways to get unlimited Free Fire diamonds, here’s the tutorial.

Take the JakPat Survey

Jakpat survey app

The first way to get free Free Fire diamonds is with the JakPat application. JakPat is an online survey application, where users only need to answer survey questions with accurate answers to earn points. There are many types of surveys available in this application, ranging from personal, mobile, transport, health, lifestyle, games to financial.

After completing answering surveys, you will get a certain number of points that can be exchanged for credit or cash to buy Free Fire diamonds. Here’s how to take part in the JakPat survey application to get free FF diamonds.

  1. Download the JakPat application on Playstore or APPStore, then install as usual.
  2. After that open the application and log in using a facebook account or cellphone number.
  3. Next, you will be asked to enter a friend’s ID so that you immediately get 15 additional points. Please enter the code jakpat.oianz
  4. Finally, please complete your profile data to be able to receive the first survey from JakPat.

Using the CashPop App

CashPop App

The next way is still with additional applications. CashPop is an Android application that generates credit and cash that has been widely used and proven to pay, just like Pocket News and Kubik News.

You will get points by doing missions such as reading news, surveys, playing games, installing applications and much more. After the points are collected, you can exchange them for pulses and get free fire diamonds for free

  1. First, download the CashPop application on Playstore and install as usual.
  2. Then open the application that is already installed and click Register.
  3. Then create an ID and tick all application requirements. Then click Confirm and you can start earning points by following missions.

Join Garena Events

Garena Events

The next way to get Free Fire free diamonds is through an official event held by the Garena publisher. At this official event, many attractive prizes can be obtained such as free skins, redeem codes and of course diamonds. For example, the events held by Garena Free Fire are the 1st Anniversary and also the 2nd Anniversary. So make sure to keep up with the events held by Garena Fire Fire.

Take AttaPoll Survey

AttaPoll App

Next, using AttaPoll is a survey application, where you will be paid after completing various available surveys. The surveys offered are about digital products and lifestyle. You can download this legit and proven paying application via Google Play Store.

The surveys offered are usually from companies that want to develop their products. Now your task is quite simple, namely to give the appropriate answer. After answering the survey, you will get credit that can be exchanged for a paypal balance to top up Free Fire diamonds.

Using the Cashtree App

Cashtree App

Cashtree is a credit and money-generating application that has been popular in Indonesia for a long time. This application has been downloaded by more than 1 million users in Indonesia via Facebook Google Play Store. There are many prizes that can be obtained through Cashtree.

Your main task is to collect points from various events, surveys, advertisements to invite friends. After you have enough points, you can exchange them for credit or Google Play Credits to buy Diamond Free Fire.

Enter Giveaway

The last way to get Free Fire diamonds is to enter the giveaway. Usually this giveaway is held by Youtubers and streamers with certain conditions. The requirements from this Youtuber are usually to subscribe to your channel and comment on your Instagram and then the winner will be drawn at random via the Youtube comet picker.

Although not as many as other popular games in Indonesia, of course there are still Youtubers who play the Free Fire game and hold giveaways. To make it easier, please check YouTube by searching for the FF diamond giveaway and watch their channel.

The final word…

So that’s the trick to get the latest free Free Fire diamonds 2022. Of course, this method is safe to use because it doesn’t use hack methods or illegal programs. That’s all for the article, good luck and hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to continue to update other articles.

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