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5 Game Adapted from This Movie You Really Must Try

There are quite a lot of game adaptations from the film, and players rarely know about it.

Indeed, not all video games adapted from a film are successful, even though the film itself is quite popular.

There are always problems that make the game from the film adaptation less acceptable.

But, for some of these games, it turns out to be played by many players, you know.

Come on, see the full review from Okeguys below.

Game Adaptation of the Movie

The Chronicles of RiddickThe Chronicles of Riddick

Success as a film action, it turns out that when it was adapted into a game, the games presented were no less interesting, you know.

As a player you will feel the dark atmosphere by displaying stealth gameplay at a time action.

In this game, Vin Diesel is also a cool character, guys.

Alien versus Predator ClassicAlien versus Predator Classic

The game adapted from the next film is Alien Vs Predator Classic.

In this game you will play three different races, namely the human race, aliens, and predators.

The three races certainly have different abilities.

In this FPS game, you will feel a different tension from similar games.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of HorrorMiddle-Earth Shadow of Horror

This game is adapted from the Lord of the Ring series which was successfully received by many people.

Not inferior to the film or novel, it turns out that this game also has its own excitement.

Using the system open word, the players will have the freedom to explore every end in the game.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicStar Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Actually, there are already many games from Star Wars, including this one.

This game is praised by many for its interesting storyline.

So, as a Star Wars fan, you’ve played this game, haven’t you?

Jurassic Park: Operation GenesisJurassic Park Operation Genesis

Who doesn’t know Jurassic Park, not only in movies but now you can also play it.

As a player you are required to create and keep your Dinosaur park interesting.

Well, those are some games adapted from a movie. You’ve played it, haven’t you?

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