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5 Best Simulation Games For Those of You Who Are Tired of Life

Simulation games are sure to make anyone lose track of time. In fact, not a few ignore their own lives because it is so much fun to build characters in the game.

In the best simulation games, of course we are as good as possible, all things that are designed must be perfect like making a reality plan.

There are lots of the best simulation games that you really must play.

Well, this time Okeguys will review the best simulator games that you really must play. Curious about anything? Come on, see the full review below.

Best Simulation Game

The Sims

simulation games

The first position is clearly occupied by The Sims. Playing The Sims game is sure to make anyone lose track of time.

You can now play The Sims game on Android, you know. This game can also be played on several brands smartphone latest.

It is absolutely mandatory to play this one game.

Graveyard Keeper

best simulation game

Unlike the previous game, in the Graveyard Keeper game, you will have a job as a gravedigger.

But, even as a gravedigger, you will realize that it is not an easy job.

The problem is that your task is not only to dig graves, but also to design the layout so that you can still be part of the community.

So, if you usually play games to survive, in this game you will be asked to manage the dead.

Two Point Hospital

simulation games

Game Two Point Hospital is a game that is perfect for those of you who dream of becoming a doctor. Two Point Hospital will not give you a difficult game simulation, really.

This game will also keep you busy to maintain and improve the reputation of the hospital.

Life Quest

simulation games

This one survival game focuses more on each character in the game. So, simply you will manage the life of the main character from a young age to adulthood.

You will also have the task of finding a job with the number of achievements that are the targets in the character’s life.

My Time Portia

simulation games

With a graphical display similar to Harvest Moon, you really have to play this one game. The storyline also has similarities because generally you will do a lot of gardening or raising livestock.

The difference is that in this game there are enemies that you can defeat. So, maybe you will occasionally get emotional when you fail to defeat the enemy.

You can also do barter as a trading system that can be exchanged for developing farms.

Well, that’s our simulation game recommendation. Good luck and don’t forget to share this information, OK!

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