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5 Alternative Games Apart from PUBG Mobile for Low Spec HP

Install the following game if you are tired of playing PUBG Mobile

mrfdn – The latest version of the pubg mobile game makes your cellphone slow? Especially if you use a low-spec cellphone. Same, as a user of a low-spec cellphone (Redmi 4x) I also feel the same way.

Playing pubg games in version 0.12 feels a bit heavy. This game update makes it difficult for my cellphone to work normally, even though the gfx tool has been installed.

For your info :: for this 0.12 update to play pubg mobile games you can use the Fred v3 kernel. I just installed Rom Bootleggers, and use the latest version of GFX Tool. The result is smooth.

Well, what can I do, chasing chicken dinner becomes even more difficult. I don’t have enough money to buy a new cellphone.

Finally choose another game. For that reason, I also tried to install a similar game which is no less exciting than the PUBG Mobile game. Here are some good games to install if you are tired of playing pubg mobile.

1. Free fire

Similar to the pubg mobile game. This game is also a battle royale genre. It’s just that something is different.

free fire alternative to battle royale games other than pubg mobile

In the free fire game, the camera control in this game is not comfortable for me. I had to make some adjustments to the camera controls.

Then in terms of player movement, it’s a bit slower than the pubg game.

And what I like about this game is that it’s very light. My cellphone with 2 gigabytes of ram with snapdragon 435 has very good performance in running free fire games.

In addition, the aim is also good, even though it is not on target, the enemy can be clearly targeted. In contrast to pubg which must be accurate to shoot enemies.

free fire boy
booyah term chicken dinner at free fire

If in pubg mobile there is chicken dinner, in free fire the term is booyah.


This one game is only 6 megabytes in size in the playstore. Although light, this game is also a battle royale genre, similar to pubg. It’s just that it looks 2 dimensional. Players can only be seen from above, not three-dimensional like pubg. light game other than pubg mobile
this game is only 6 mb in size, but it’s fun.

But I think this game is fun. People who usually play pubg will be familiar with the types of weapons provided. Such as ump, m416, bullets, grenades, and others.

The key to playing this game is tactics. You can control the player walking from one place to another, while avoiding the red circle that is getting smaller and smaller. Until finally you are the last one standing in this game.

3. Mobile Legends

The game is also fun and there are still many players. In 2022 before the pubg game existed, this game was very busy being played by gaming youtubers.

Mobile legend or ml is often used as an alternative if you are bored playing pubg mobile

Even now, this game is sometimes an alternative to the pubg mobile game. Because it’s fun. Similar to vain glory, players will meet 5 against 5. Then destroy the opposing tower.

There are dozens of playable characters. And each character has different strengths and weaknesses.

4. Fortnite Battle Royale

If you have to be more agile. Because hand agility is the key. This game, which is of the same genre as pubg mobile, has a different look, from character selection to how to play it.

fortnite battle royale other than pubg mobile

In this game many players jump to avoid shots from opponents. Maybe you often see pubg mobile game players who run while jumping, maybe he is used to this game.

5. Hago

Hago is a collection of several games. There are many games you can play there. Like old flash games. But it’s really fun because you can chat with our opponents.

hago games games with lots of girls alternative pubg mobile

Hago Games is a game that I like, apart from being light, it turns out that there are a lot of girls playing. And the fun thing is you can chat directly with them. If you are single, you can try your luck there. Do not believe? Please install it yourself.

The final word

Well, those are 5 fun games that you can play besides pubg mobile. Finally you don’t have to depend on pubg games if you want to play games on your cellphone. There are many games that are fun and entertaining. Which is your game of choice?

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