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4 Best Hero Counter Phoveus Mobile Legends

 Here are 4 Phoveus Mobile Legends hero counters that are most effectively used for those of you who are afraid of this hero.

Moonton some time ago brought another new hero into the Mobile Legends game called Phoveus.

The new hero can be obtained for free by players in the 515 party event, but behind his status as a free hero, the fact is that Phoveus is the most annoying hero this season.

This hero is a counter to all types of core heroes in MLBB, especially for assassin heroes, thanks to his unique abilities.


The last name is Nana, if we can't defeat Phoveus directly then the solution is Nana. 

Yes, skill 2 Nana can turn Phoveus into a cat, and when he becomes a cat Phoveus can be easily defeated by anyone.


The first name we highly recommend is Esmeralda, Phoveus can get a shield from his skills and the shield is Esmeralda's food.

As a result, Esmeralda can easily kill Phoveus no matter how thick he is.


His regen and shield abilities are large enough to be the main keys for Uranus to defeat Phoveus whose movements are very slow.


It is clear that we have also included Karrie in the list, this one hero was created to defeat all kinds of thick heroes like Phoveus very easily.

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