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Hello GMLBB friends, this time GMLBB will discuss the 10 BEST COMBO HEROES IN MOBILE LEGENDS.

How’s the savage warrior? Thank you in advance for visiting GMLBB again. The discussion this time is quite interesting, and very suitable for those of you who like to play mabar.

Many of the Mobile Legends players think that playing together or commonly called mabar can get an easier victory. In addition to avoiding the Noob / Boy players or also avoiding players with severe smut, playing together can also maximize strategy. Because by playing together communication will run better than playing with strangers.

Well, for that strategic reason, by playing together, each player can determine what heroes can be used. Including which combos will be used in the game. And here are the 10 best hero combos that you can use with your friends.

10. Aurura and Tigreal

Let’s open it first from the Aurora (Mage) and Tigreal (Tank) combo. Then how to use this combo? here’s the explanation.

Before doing a combo, make sure that Aurora must activate her passive skill, by removing her skill 4 times. If this passive skill is active, then any skill that Aurora releases the enemy will become Ice for a few seconds.

How the combo works:

  • Tigreal advanced first using flicker to crowd.
  • Then Tigreal uses his Ultimate Implosion so that the enemy will gather and be hit by the stun effect
  • After Tigreal used his Ulti, it was immediately followed by Aurora’s ulti
  • the last step, of course, immediately finished off his opponent with the remaining skills.

With Aurora’s sick damage it looks like the enemy will be flat with this combo. How would anyone want to try this combo?

9. Akai and Badang

For the next combo, there are Akai Tanks and Badang Fighters.
Here’s how this combo works:

  • First starting from the user who uses Badang, Badang uses his 2nd skill to put a wall behind the enemy
  • Next Badang uses his ultimate
  • Followed by Akai who jumped at the enemy
  • Followed by Ultimate Akai, and pushed him towards the wall created by Badang

With this combo, it is guaranteed that the enemy will not be able to go anywhere.

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8. Khufra and X-Borg

The next combo is Khufra (Tank) and X-Borg (Fighter).
Here’s how this two annoying hero combo works:

  • First it is opened by Khufra’s 1st skill towards the opponent.
  • Next, use Khufra’s ultimate skill towards the wall (so that the stun effect lasts longer)
  • At that time, the X-Borg user immediately used his Ultimate.

With this combo, the opposing team will definitely feel very irritated. good luck.

7. Ruby and Kagura

The next combo is a fighter and a mage, namely Ruby and Kagura.

Here’s how this combo works:

  • Beginning with Ruby covered by Kagura
  • Ruby uses her ultimate to pull the enemy within reach of her Ultimate. If it reaches 5 enemies at once it can be pulled
  • Next, Ruby uses skill two, which is Don’n Run. Wolf King!.
  • At the same time Ruby did the ultimate, Kagura threw the umbrella at the enemy that Ruby pulled
  • Followed by using the Yin Yang Overturn Combo

With this combo guaranteed Auto Wiper Out. good luck trying it.

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6. Johnson and Odette

The combo of these two heroes includes a combo that has been circulating in Land of Down for a long time. There’s no way you don’t know this one combo.
Here’s how this Tank and Mage combo works:

  • First, Johnson uses his Ulimate, which is Rapid Touchdown
  • Before Johnson leaves Odette goes up to Johnson
  • Johnson is looking for an easy target, or one that is gathering.
  • Hit the enemy, they will be stunned.
  • After Johnson hit, immediately followed by the ultimate Odette Swan Song
  • Next, Johnson can use skills 1 and 2 to prevent the enemy from escaping from Odette’s ultimate area.

5. Akai and Chang’e

The next combo is Akai (Tank) and Chang’e (Mage).
Here’s how this combo works:

  • Akai jumps using Thousand Pounder towards the opponent/close to the opponent
  • Followed by using the ultimate skill Hurricane Dance to push the enemy towards the wall
  • Followed by Chang’e who previously had to activate skill 2 Crescent Moon
  • Followed by the ultimate Meteor Shower. With Chang’e’s huge damage and cornering Ulti Akai, it’s hard for the opponent to escape.

4. Claude and the Minotaur

The next combo has marksman (Claude) and Tank (Minotaur).

Here’s how this Tank MM combo works:

  • First, try Minotour to activate his passive skill (Minotour Rage Mode)
  • Next Mino uses a flicker towards the enemy who is quite busy
  • Followed by using the Ultimate, so that the opponent will be knocked up 3 times
  • At the same time Claude used his teleport with skill two towards the crowd
  • Followed by the Ultimate Blazing Duet

With this combo, it’s auto Wiped Out. Good luck trying it

3. Balmond and Estes

The next combo comes from all old heroes, namely Balmond (Tank/Fighter) and Estes (Support)
Here’s an explanation of this combo:

  • For Balmond use the Festival of Blood Fighter emblem
  • Ballmond cut minions with his second skill Cyclone Sweep followed by Estes.
  • Estes here is in charge of adding blood from the balmond by using skill 1.

2. Terizla and Guinevere

The next combo is a combo of two fighters, namely Terizla and Guinevere.

Here’s an explanation of this two Fighter combo:

  • First, User Terizla uses his Ultimate Penalty Zone towards the opponent
  • At that time the enemy will be attracted to the area
  • Followed by his 2nd skill Guinevere Magic Thump, which will give a Knock up effect
  • Followed by Guinevere’s Violet Requiem which will make the enemy unable to move.

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1. Gatotkaca and Ling

The last combo came from Tank and Assassin, they were Gatotkaca and Ling.

Here’s an explanation of the combo of these two heroes:

  • First Ling prepared the wall, near the enemy who was the target.
  • Then Gatotkaca uses his ulti Avatar of the Guardian towards the target near Ling
  • If hit by the enemy, the enemy will be knocked up
  • Continued by Gatotkaca using the Unbreakable skill
  • At the same time Ling came down from the wall using skill 2 and used his Ultimate Tempest of Blades

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Ok, that’s the GMLBB explanation for the 10 best hero combos in mobile legends bang-bang.

What do you think, is there a combo to try? or there are other combos that are more crazier. Please write your opinion in the comments column below.