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10 Best Adventure Games 2022 on Android

Android adventure games are one of the most popular types of games. Not only able to get rid of boredom, but the game genre can also train your ability to make decisions or improve concentration. 

Well, for those of you who want to try exciting games, here are the recommendations for the best adventure games this year available on the Android platform.

Best Adventure Game on Android 2022

In adventure games, anything can happen. Starting from an unpredictable storyline, varied quests, to interesting interactions between each character. The following are the best adventure games 2022 with an interesting story and charming graphic display on the Android platform.

1. Genshin Impact

Even though it has been released since last year, this first game made by miHoYo has won the hearts of mobile adventure game lovers around the world. In this game, you will explore a world called Teyvat and fight various monsters and kings with unique elements.

The gameplay is very fun, you can explore hidden places, uncover the contents in chests, and solve various puzzles all over Tivat.

2. Limbo

Developed by an independent studio, Playdead, this game is the best adventure game played offline. Even though you play a child character, you will be taken into a dark adventure with a survival theme.

In this game, you will play a baby who runs away from the dangers in his world and saves the future by using the resources provided to survive. The atmosphere that is built is very dark with graphics and background music that can make goosebumps.

3. The First Tree

The First Tree is an adventure game with two parallel stories in it. There is a story about a fox trying to find his family. There is also the story of a son's search for his estranged father in Alaska.

You will play the character of a fox on a beautiful and emotional journey that will lead to an understanding of death. Along the way, you will find various artifacts and clues to the child's life.

4. Sky Dancer Run – Running Game

Remember Temple Run? This Sky Dancer Run game comes as an adventure-running game with more stunning visuals than its predecessor game.

In terms of gameplay, it is very challenging. You will face various obstacles such as jumping over cracked cliffs, slippery surfaces, and other obstacles to be able to continue the adventure. Don't forget to collect the coins you find so you can unlock new characters and other interesting prizes.

5. Orwell’s Animal Farm

Adapted from the satirical novel by George Orwell, Animal Farm is a game about the rebellion of animals from humans who have been exploiting them. The gameplay is made using a text-based choice method so that it allows you to give directions and orders to the characters in it.

You are given the freedom to assign tasks, manage resources, and make propaganda as a form of the supremacy of these animals. In addition, you will also determine the strata of the social position of the animals. Which animal can be honored more highly and which animal can be sacrificed.

6. OceanHorn

With a game duration of about 10 hours and can be played offline, OceanHorn can be a fun action-adventure game for free time. In this game, you will be taken to solve mysteries with scattered clues, fight monsters, and use magical powers to uncover hidden treasures.

This adventure with an ocean setting can be enjoyed for free for the first part of the story. If you are addicted, you can buy the premium version and get ready to sail the oceans in the Arcadia Kingdom with the OceanHorn monster inside.

7. Ninja Arashi

This is an action-adventure game that can be played for free on Android. The gameplay is very intense with a theme that tends to be dark. Ninja Arashi tells the story of a character named Arashi, a ninja who tries to fight the evil world and save his son from the antagonist, Orochi.

Visually it may look easy, but actually, this game is quite difficult to play. This game has 45 levels with three different maps. To defeat the enemy, Arashi has acrobatic skills and ninja techniques that can be used.

8. Reach: SOS

This game by Studio Reach offers an adventure game with a variety of puzzles in it. You will play as Shadow, a worker at a remote outpost who begins to receive secret messages and takes him on an adventure full of mystery.

With point-and-click and tilting mechanics, Reach: SOS brings a whole new level of fun trying to solve puzzles with hand-painted graphics.

9. Death City: Zombie Invasion

Want to play games while sharpening your brain and finger skills? This game can be the best choice. The story in this game begins when a virus spreads in the city of P which makes its inhabitants infected and begin to mutate into zombies.

In order to survive, you must use weapons to fight zombies as well as pass other dangerous challenges. To be able to survive Death City: Zombie Invasion, you must bring out the best in executing strategy as well as the speed of your finger reflexes.

10. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

This action-adventure RPG game is one of the best Android games from Gameloft. The story is set in the Middle Ages when war, conflict, and magical powers still dominate. Iron Blade is a fantasy game that requires a precise strategy to be able to control it.

You will be equipped with a variety of weapons and equipped with armor to fight a series of enemies. This game is suitable for getting rid of sleepiness because it is filled with a variety of interesting fighting actions. Android adventure games are indeed very fun to play when you want to get rid of boredom. 

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